What is Website Builder and Why To Use it?

What is Website Builder and Why To Use it?

InspiredSite always want its customers to make a lot of profit and that too without any problem. And if there is any problem we are there to solve it for you. We understand that not everyone have the web knowledge required to make a website and run that as everybody has his/her own different skillsets. So why suffer due to that. That’s why we give our customers a program known as website builder. In the whole article we are going to discuss what a website builder is and in which you can take advantage of that.

According to Wikipedia, Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing.

In simple words, a website builder is software, or tool, that helps you build a website. With a good website builder, you can make a website and it would be running in no time.

Why Use a Website Builder

  1. The best thing is no programming or technical skills required. Website builders are designed for people who may or may not possess any technical skills. Website builders use the drag-and- drop technology and a user-friendly interface design, allowing the average person to type in text, upload images, or change and move any element with a simple click and drag of the mouse – all without having to write or edit a line of code and no FTP handling and all the other technical stuff.
  2. Your website can be edited at any time from any computer.  You can log into your account, make a change and click save or publish and your changes are live – all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, any time and from any device.
  3. Also you don’t have to be a graphic design genius. It is maybe because you weren’t a fan of art in school. You need not understand color theory, possess any photography skills, or be great at typography to create an appealing website. Website builders take the entire burden by offering pre-packaged designs which will make your website look presentable. They also allow you the freedom to customize, so you can give your site your own personal touch within a professionally-designed template.
  4. As a business owner, you’ve got a lot of things to do but have not got a lot of time. You can save your precious hours by using a website builder to simplify the website creation process. In just few minutes, you can create your own unique website from a collection of attractive and eye-catching layouts outfitted with your brand’s content, images, and videos.

InspiredSite use SitePad Website developer which is the best Website Builder because we love to provide our customers with the best option available.

What is SitePad Website Builder?

SitePad Website Builder helps you build professional websites using a drag and drop editor and publish static (HTML, CSS, JS) web pages which makes your website load much faster.

There are over 300+ Responsive Themes, which covers wide range of categories like Blog, Business, Portfolio, Restaurants and Travel. The SitePad Editor includes more than 40 widgets like Image/Video Slider, Image Galleries, Rich Text, Video, Audio, Google Maps, Contact Form, and Social Media to help you build your website.

  • You can create web pages, blogs, you can create both. You can create whatever you want.
  • The Websites created by SitePad are compatible with all screen sizes. There are no limitations.
  • All you have to do is to pick a theme, customize the content, add images, audio, videos, and click Publish, simple isn’t it.
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